Why lock the website with a password?

Last year our website crashed during black Friday because too many users logged in at the same time.

This year, we're making sure our most loyal customers have the opportunity to shop their favorite pieces while their sizes are still available and the website is still functioning. A password is the only way to keep non-VIPS outside.

Why sign-up only?

We know it's frustrating when the items you want are sold out. We believe in family first and want to give you the unique opportunity to benefit from the biggest sale of the year, while everything is in stock.

When does it start?

09:00 AM (CET) 23/11/2023.
That is on a Thursday, 1 day before the actual Black Friday.

Once the clock hits 09:00 you and all other VIPS will be able to enter the store with a password only.

What are the benefits?

It will honestly be the biggest sale of the year. You'll not only save money but you'll also have exclusive access to shop these deals first. Ensuring your size is in stock.

How many people will participate?

This year we will limit the early access to 5000 VIPS. We have a limited stock of handmade silver jewellery and we want to give you access to the biggest sale, with no worries about sold-out favorites. Limiting the sign-up seems fair to us.

With 5000 VIPS waiting we still advise you to be on time.

VIP Thursday or Black Friday?

The VIP sale will definitely be bigger than our upcoming Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale or any other sale we had this year before.