Our source of inspiration

Jewellery is a form of art, and just like every piece of art each piece of jewellery requires its own unique source of inspiration. At NineTwoFive, we draw our inspiration purely from the captivating elements of architecture.

Structures carry stories

From an early age on, we found ourselves being fascinated by the elegance and permanence of the architecture around us. Buildings go beyond their physical components. They are more than just bricks and steel, buildings are lasting structures that hold many stories, both old and new. Architecture is creating permanent constructions of art that deal with the future and the past. Complex yet simple and unique. All built to last and designed to be eternally appreciated by you and everyone else.

The language of Architecture

Architecture is the art of simplicity. It's the combination of design, creativity and science. At NineTwoFive, we believe that the clean lines, geometric shapes, and attention to detail that define modern and historical architecture offer valuable lessons for our work as designers and craftsmen. Our work is guided by two distinct complementary divisions: the language of patterns and the language of forms. We look for patterns and forms in different architectural styles that we find across the globe and rooted around us. Every country, city and village has its own unique architectural language, each representing its own story. Our jewellery preserves these stories and their individual beauty.

Design principles

In every architectural structure, there's a powerful harmony between form, function, and aesthetic appeal. Geometry, clean lines, and a keen sense of balance turn a simple design into an iconic structure. This is the same philosophy we adopt at NineTwoFive when crafting our silver jewellery. Just as architecture accounts its context, purpose, and environmental impact, we design our jewellery pieces with similar principles. Versatility, sustainability, and functionality are intrinsic to each piece we create, ensuring that every design is as timeless as the elements of architecture that inspire us.

Translation to silver

We create jewellery that goes beyond any trend and becomes an indispensable part of your everyday style. We translate the language of architecture back into our silver jewellery by using the principles of architecture simplicity, balance, and harmony. Every piece of our collection aims to capture the timeless appeal of architectural designs around the world by crafting it into wearable art. The harmony of architecture is the fundament of our vision at NineTwoFive. The translation to silver is a time consuming process, one single piece of art can take up to a thousand sketches before it comes to live.

Designed for any occasion

One of the reasons that we draw inspiration from architecture is because it embodies both elegance and versatility. A beautifully designed building can be just as appropriate for a formal event as it is for a casual outing. Buildings are crafted with a timeless appeal, ensuring their accessibility and allure for everyone, today and a century later. That's why we design our pieces to be both elegant and versatile, suitable for everything from a night out in town to a day at the office. Our jewellery can add a touch of refinement to a casual outfit or complement a formal one. We believe that you should be able to wear it whenever and wherever you like. That's the beauty of jewellery inspired by architecture, designed to be worn, not just admired. Discover timeless pieces that you’ll adore today which you will continue to treasure a decade from now.

Our in-house expertise

Keeping in line with our fascination for architecture, we're privileged to have our co-founder, Achmed, an architect by profession within our team. Our in-house architect Achmed ensures that our pieces are designed with the elegance and balance inherent to both modern and historical architecture. Under his guidance, the architectural aesthetic and its elements are faithfully translated into our sterling silver designs. Our in-house expertise gives us an edge in crafting jewellery that genuinely mirrors the beauty of architectural design, harmonizing the old with the new, the historical with the modern. His expertise allows us to create designs that are not only beautiful, but versatile enough for you to wear at any occasion.

Stories to remain

Just as light dances on a building's exterior and as people move around inside it, architecture changes over time, and becomes special. They create and contain stories that remain over decades. Our jewellery resonates with a similar dynamism. Each piece is made to fit smoothly with the person wearing it, creating a serene connection between you and your surroundings. This seamless connection mirrors how iconic buildings become integral to a city's appearance. Likewise, our jewellery, with its architectural inspiration, is designed to become a key part of your personal style. Just as a building leaves its distinctive imprint on a city’s skyline, a signature silver piece will mark your unique identity.
We craft you the canvas, but in the end…
It’s you who tells the story.