About us



At NineTwoFive, we believe that jewellery makes the man.

It all started with the very first men. About three hundred thousand years ago, long before mankind even thought about clothing. The first men decorated their bodies with jewellery made of feathers and bones. To identify and separate the tribal leaders from their followers. From that day until now, jewellery has been an ever-present part of our human civilization. Centuries later the first ancient example of jewellery, as we know it today, was found in Tall al-Muqayyar, a tomb located in our place of birth, Iraq. The queen of this tomb, Pu-Abi, was discovered while wearing jewellery made of gold, lapis lazuli and... our favourite... silver. This discovery could also indicate that our love for jewellery is in our DNA.

Unfortunately, for the past 200 years or so jewellery has been a traditionally female territory. Here at NineTwoFive, we are working hard to transform this present-day perception. We want men to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. We want men to diverge themselves from the mass. NineTwoFive is designed for men and we believe that jewellery makes the man.

Every ring, bracelet or necklace is handmade out of the highest quality sterling 925 silver available. All designed in the Netherlands while keeping two core elements in mind; simplicity and uniqueness. The inspiration for our designs arises from the ancient Arabic patterns that we find in our roots. Together this forms an exclusionary and elegant design. Making our jewellery act as an agent of personality. We identify with it.

We believe that jewellery is a form of self-expression to distinguish
ourselves from one and another.
What we wear is our decision, what we wear is our identity, what we wear is our message to those passing us by and to our selves.

NineTwoFive, by men for men.