The Ultimate Jewellery Gift Guide For Men

It doesn’t matter if it’s for Christmas, valentine’s day, or a birthday. Finding a suitable gift for a man is always something challenging. But don’t worry this is not your fault!

“Believe me, I’m happy with nothing at all”

You probably heard that before. And in most cases it's true! Men are easily satisfied, they already value the idea that there is someone that wants to put them in the spotlight, And that's already a gift for them in the first place!

But come on, not gifting him anything is just not an option. That is why we came up with 7 tips that will help you in your search finding the perfect gift for your friend, dad, brother, husband, boyfriend or any other loved one. Keep on reading to discover how you will get that smile on his face...

Tip 1: Make it personal

We believe that this is the most important part of a gift. And that's why we put it on number one! It's easy to wrap a product into a gift and to give it on the right time.

But do you know what makes a gift truly special? It’s your own personal message that comes a long with it. It’s something you can do yourself but if you don’t have the time to buy and personalize a card, we would love to do this for you!

Stop gifting him bottles of wine, perfumes and lousy giftcards. Instead be original for once.

Let him know what he means to you, why you love him or why he deserves a gift. Jewellery is a perfect gift to deliver this message. 

You can enter your personalized message on our website in the shopping cart, and we’ll put it on a beautiful card for you! And as our gift to you, we do this free of charge.


Tip 2: Keep it manly

When you truly want to cherish your loved one. Take him for dinner to your favorite restaurant another time.

Instead give him something that is especially designed for him. This could range anywhere from beer taps to a cool drone.

But if your man is into jewellery, a unique piece of our silver jewellery will do the job. Plus, you can tell him that his gift has been designed and handcrafted by men!


Tip 3: Quality over quantity

It's always cool to receive a lot of gifts. However, most of these gifts will all end-up in a storage box. Skip things like gift cards, perfume, socks or underpants.

Instead put your bet on a single item that will last. Things like watches, clothing, shoes, and jewellery are all perfect examples.

Men can wear these in their daily life and will get reminded to the one buying it for them over and over again.

When you choose a long-lasting gift, choose something he can match with his other clothes and style. We designed our jewellery to match with every outfit. Give him a gift that he can wear at every occasion.


Tip 4: The unboxing experience

Best christmas packaging

Have you ever received a gift which was not gift wrapped? We hope not.

The unboxing experience is one of the most important factors to deliver that “Wow” feeling. We took this very serious and created one of the most astonishing gift wrap unboxing experiences there is.

Until now we kept it a secret. But since you’re not buying it for yourself, we'll tell you in advance.

At NineTwoFive we pack our products with a method dating back to the 16th century. Every order will be gift wrapped and sealed with a stamp of wax. Its that unique unpacking experience you sometimes see in the movies.

Tip 5: A Backup Plan

Always be ready for the worst-case scenario. As I said earlier, men are easily satisfied.

But even if he does like the gift you got him, what if he changes his mind a week after? Or what if you bought him the wrong size?

To cope with that, make sure you get him a gift that he can return or that you know his size in advance. We got you covered with a 30-day return policy, giving him that 30 days to change his mind.

So make sure you have a plan B and that you buy a gift that he can always return if he doesn’t like it.

Tip 6: Start early

You are not the only one shopping for gifts during the holiday season. That’s why we advise you to start in time.

The worst gift is the one that you didn't give in time.

Make sure you shop from companies that will ship within a few days. Don’t shop from companies located at the other side of the world.

We send out our orders within 24 hours and delivery will take 1-5 days in Europe. That’s why you should start in time and not only because of the delivery times, but what if the next day the perfect gift for him is suddenly sold out? In case you're late, we also offer next day delivery to the Netherlands & Belgium and 1-2 day shipping to the rest of europe with DHL express. 

Tip 7: The size matters

We’re not saying that the bigger the gift the better it is.

It’s not the size of the gift that matters, it’s his size that matters.

Even if you have a plan B, you want to make sure that you don’t have to use it. So when you’re buying shoes as a gift, sneakily check his shoe size beforehand. 

When choosing jewellery as a gift make sure you'll know his size in advance. Measure his wrist or finger while he's a sleep. But what if he's not a deep sleeper?

Choose gifts that have one size fits all. We have size adjustable silver cuffs and chains available for him which will fit every size.



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  • Bina and Bino said:

    Hey, your tips are all thoughtful, but my favorite is the unboxing experience; seriously, I loved it when someone gave you gifts and the unboxing time, really loved it.

    December 07, 2022

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