How to measure chain size at home?

There is basically only one way to measure your chain size at home. Luckily for you, finding your chain size is very easy to do. We've listed everything you need to know below:

Requirements to measure your chain size

To find your size in the chain size chart you will need a ruler or a measuring tape and a string or rope. Anything flexible between 40-80 cm in length will do. We recommend something thin like a rope but you could even be using your belt.

Step 1: determine length

Wrap it around your neck

Once you have the rope or string ready, wrap it arround your neck by keep holding 1 end of the rope between your fingers. Now it is time to try out different lengths by until you figure a position that's comfortable and that looks good on you. When you are ready and found a length that you like. Hold your finger on the intersection of the rope and continue to the next step.

Step 2: time to measure

Use the ruler now

Now it is important that you keep hold of the intersection. You can loose the end of the rope which you were holding in the beginnen. But do not let loose of the intersection as this now is your preferred chain size.

Move the rope on a table and flatten it out so that it completely stretches in length. Now with a ruler you can measure the distance between the end of the rope and the intersection point where you are holding the rope with your fingers. This is your desired chain length.

Once you know your desired chain length you can move to the chain size chart. in the picture. Choose a size that most closely meets one of our available sizes. If your size is not there, reach out to us and we'll design your desired size at no extra cost.

Know your size?

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